Why You Should Bring a Computer, Not Just Tablet When You Travel 


People travel to different destinations all over the world for various reasons including group excursions, family vacations, and business trips. Trips can last for hours, days or even months. Regardless of the duration or purpose of traveling, everyone has a list of things they cannot
leave behind. The obvious ones are clothing and personal effects, travel tech and gear, and vital documents like passports and ID.

With the continued advancement of technology, there are many gadgets choices that some people cannot literally live without. A smartphone is a natural choice for most casual travelers. Tablets have now become popular handheld devices within different groups and demographics.

How We Use Tablets Today

Tablets were introduced to bridge the gap between computers and smartphones. The difference between a computer and a tablet has narrowed considerably. Tablets perform most functions laptops do, but the real question is, is a tablet the only device you need when traveling or should you bring a computer too? It is a question most travelers ask themselves – and for a good reason. I will explain in detail below why you should bring a computer, not just tablet when you travel.

When thinking of the two devices, most people focus on cost, size, weight, insurance, and security. They forget all about convenience and reliability which are important features.
Computers continue to improve in power, functionality, and performance. Over time, laptops have become smaller and lighter. Most people prefer laptops because they work exactly like a desktop PC but with the added convenience of mobility and flexibility. Computers are generally used for content creation whereas tablets are used for content consumption.

Below Are Eight Reasons Why You Should Bring a Computer, Not a Tablet When You Travel

1. Performance – this is probably the biggest benefit of a computer over a tablet. There is software even for the most demanding computing task that any traveler could need. Computers have high-powered processors to provide users with advanced performance. Most laptops have better specifications than tablets. A graphics performance like professional video editing will require the services of a computer.

2. Typing – try typing using a tablet, and you will be disappointed. Unlike using a proper keyboard, tablets have limited software options for doing real work. Some travelers argue that you can purchase a Portable or Bluetooth Keyboard for the same. While this may be factual to some extent, such a keyboard will not be as effective as a computer’s reassuring keyboard. Besides, that’s yet another accessory to purchase, power and carry around.

3. Watching Movies – if you want to catch the latest episode of your favorite TV Series, a computer provides an easy display. Computers generally have bigger screens with higher resolutions than most tablets.

4. Versatility and Efficiency – A computer gives you better multi-tasking. You can upload and sort photos, pre-write posts and read and draft emails conveniently. You can quickly catch up on work. Productivity apps like MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint work best on a computer.

5. Easier Internet Browsing – Computers give the user the best browsing experience. Some websites are not optimized for mobile or tablet view. You may miss some vital pieces of information by using a tablet to browse instead of a computer. Not all websites are touch-screen friendly. Computers make it easy for you to read PDFs, Kindle Books, and

6. Higher Storage Capacity – on the whole, computers generally have higher storage capacities than tablets. This gives you more space to store your music, photos, documentaries, audiobooks, movies and TV shows and view them whenever you wish. You can additionally choose to purchase an external hard drive.

7. Ports and Peripherals – both computers and tablets have a fair share of compatible accessories and supported devices. Computers, however, are more sophisticated than tablets. A laptop has broadly compatible HDMI outputs, USB Ports, DVD drive, Card reader and other features.

8. Cooling System – computers have fans and other cooling systems to avoid overheating, unlike tablets. Under heavy usage, like playing games, tablets tend to overheat which may be uncomfortable to the user.


Travelers such as freelancers who work from the road and individuals who run online businesses always bring computer, not tablet. Digital nomads cannot imagine traveling without their computers. Do not make the wrong choice by choosing weight and cost and end up losing far more in time and frustration. Instead, you can opt to go for laptops that are slim, lightweight, with long battery life and flash storage for more speed and durability. Hybrid tablets/laptops are becoming popular by the day. You can choose to purchase one if you want to have a taste of both worlds without having to carry the devices separately.