Why You Need a Travel Pillow and My Top 3 Picks

The Travel Pillows You Need to Know About

It is rather difficult to enjoy a nice sleep when having epic travel across continents and oceans on a plane, train or even a bus. Having a pillow and not just any pillow but an affordable, comfortable, and portable pillow is always a plus. Even for those like me who prefer watching a movie instead of sleeping on the plane, having the right pillow to rest your head provides that extra comfort and you certainly should consider carrying one the next time you travel.

Travel pillows play the following important roles:

1. Protects the neck from fatigue and stiffness

It is essential to have a pillow that supports your head on either side and at the same allow you to rest your head without having to turn when space is not enough to do so. That is common when traveling in the economy seat on the plane and traveling on the bus or train is no different.

2. Reduce snoring and sleep apnea

A good pillow should keep your head straight and ensure your airways are free from obstruction, in case you decide to sleep this will protect you from snoring and prevent sleep apnea.

3. Perfect travel companion

So many of us are hardly able to reach the seat headrest and for those who do they find it rather uncomfortable since it is either lumpy or hard. That’s where the travel pillow comes into place to support your head making sure that you experience comfortable travel. Another great thing about travel pillows is that they are easy to travel with. If you’re only traveling with a carry-on and you’re worried about it taking up room, don’t stress. You can carry your travel pillow by hand, or placed around your neck. That way your hands will be free to carry your duffel, or rucksack, or whatever carry-on you decide to bring.

4. Same as your home pillow

The travel pillows are made in such a way that you may find the comfort to be same with the pillow you use at home or even more comfortable. They are made special by the memory form which adjusts to the shape of your neck, and the foam will adapt to any movements you make giving comfort to your neck or head.

With so many advantages that lead to comfortable travel, it is impossible to understand why anybody would choose to leave behind a traveling pillow. Therefore, the rest of this article will discuss the best travel pillows in the market that one should consider owning if they already
don’t have.

Types of travel pillows and why they are the best

1. Skysiesta

It is a travel pillow that has been popular with travelers for almost a decade. It sandwiches your head nicely like a big hot dog bun giving extra comfort to your head and neck. A matching eye mask comes with it as a bonus to the buyer.

2. Trtl

It has been considered to be the bestselling travel pillow ever made. Apparently, it makes you fall asleep so quickly that even people who would rather watch a movie than sleep can’t resist. It is soft, comfortable, innovative design, and not too warm, that’s why I don’t wonder why it has made so many sales over the years.

3. Voyage pillow

The pillow is surprisingly very light weighing only 2.5 ounces. It is very advantageous because it plays the role of a micro-bead pillow and eye mask in one.

Similarities of the three types of pillows

– They are all easy to pack

– They are all light

– They are affordable

– They all support the neck and the head providing comfort

– They are not too warm

Differences between these travel pillows

– The Trtl is one-sided therefore supports only one side of the head while the rest are two-sided pillows.

– The Trtl comes only in one size, and the rest come in different sizes for kids to adults.

– The voyage supports the head from the front, and you have to lean on it, the rest you gain support from sideways.

Next time you travel make sure you carry a travel pillow and from the information given you can choose what suits your needs best and according to how you sleep.

Enjoy your travel!